The Emperor Protects!

"The Clockwork Void"

Can't get out, we can't get out...

<< Awaiting Censure>>…

You stand upon the staircase, beneath the Garden of Lost Saints. Bodies throng the steps around you. Jostling, hurrying, down. Down. The Widow, borne aloft on her litter, glides beside.

The tenebrous void below you writhes and ripples. The Children of the Kingdom have come.

Within sight, the vast hall towards the main gates is still and empty. Perhaps if you can get down the stairs, if you can fight your way to the doors and activate the Yu’vath device… if… if.

The screams. The screams have begun above you now. Bodies. Mutilated, decapitated, eviscerated bodies – plummet past you, into darkness.

The creatures wash towards you – as a tide.

You have seen the steel clock. Battled its guardian. Heard of Quaddis. Slain Nonesuch, Tamas, Nile… But what does it mean? What does it all mean?

Will mankind praise you and your deeds when this is done? Does it matter? Does it really even matter?

You raise your blade. Your rifle. Your pistols. You arm your mind.

Death smiles at us all.

“Ave Imperator!”

You charge into the void, and its arms sweep up to meet you.



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