Belcarius Lex

Schola Progenium Arbitrator


Arbitrator Belcarius Lex, Schola Exemplar of the Sibellian Progenium. Honourates: Order Diabolus Ruina Ad Quod Exsilium ā€“ <3400xp> (Rank 5). Insanity:<11>.Corruption:<0>. Fate Points:<4>.


Name: Belcarius Lex

Titles: Arbitrator, 12th District, Western Precinct

Physical Description: Played by Tahmoh Penikett

History: Child of officers in the imperial navy, Belcarius was raised in the Progenium with his elder brother. Placed in the Progenium aged eight and never heard from his parents again. Parents were engaged on a planetary survey but all records of their last mission were sealed. First posted to the 7th district where he was partnered with veteran arbitrator Aneas Bell on a corruption probe into labour unions. Lex’s sword originally belonged to Bell. Later transferred to the 12th working homicide. Came to the attention of the Inquisition when he started researching the fate of his parents through Arbite channels. Now in the employ of Inquisitor Globus vaarak, Ordo Xenos. Present at the Coscarla Incident, as well as actions on Iocanthos, Acreage, Upper Hive Sibellus and Ambulon on Scintilla.

Personality: While more flexible than many of his peers, Lex holds justice as his highest ideal. He is driven, borderline obsessive in pursuit of lawbreakers. First recourse is always to confront the guilty, therefore bad in situations where circumspection is advisable. Progression: Not that I expect him to live that long but Iā€™m leaning towards the investigator type rather than the marshal.

Equipment: Shoulder slung las rifle. Sabre on right hip. Twin bolt pistols in thigh holsters. Spare ammo, data slates etc. in backpack. Wears Arbite uniform which incorporates full body flak armour including helmet. When undercover he takes the helmet off and wears a voluminous overcoat.

Belcarius Lex

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