Mind-Cleansed Sanctioned Imperial Psyker. (Gary's Character)


Templar Tertius Gaius, Templar Calix Initiate of the Scholastica Psykana <<unknown>> (Gary – Mind Cleansed Imperial Psyker) – <2150xp> (Rank 3)[Templar Calix]. Insanity:<7>. Corruption:<0>. “Chord” Luntz’ Carnodon Precision Handcannon, Templar Calixis shock-sword.


From: Interrogator Eisen Barbossa

To: Lord Inquisitor Guilliman Jericus Ramirez

Classification: Code VERMILLION

My Lord, as requested please find attached the available information on Subject 1794.

The Emperor protects


[Attachment 1 – System log of sensor probe 1675352-dxjkml7]

Unscheduled warp emergence detected…


Falcon class troop transport

Receiving transponder signal…

Fury of Avatis identified

Searching records…

Last known location of Fury of Avatis recorded as 274 years 7 months 14 days ago. Entered warp bound for Daedalox system on routine transport mission. Cargo: 50,000 newly recruited Imperial Guardsmen. Sixteen regiments and auxilliary. Crew complement: 11,209. Assumed lost in warp.

Request dispatch of investigation team…

[Attachment 2 – Transcript of Inquisitorial Stormtooper unit 126/b1 vox transmissions. Investigation of Fury of Avatis]

Ok boys, this is an information gathering mission. Let’s try not to frakk it up.

Routine my scarred hairy arse.

[quiet laughing]

I can’t access power remotely.

Flashlights then. Stay in formation, no wandering off.

The floor’s all sticky, what is that?

Something black, it’s all over the walls… and ceiling too.

It’s blood, dried blood.

Frakk! This is bad. Real bad.

What in the name of holy Terra happened here?

Cut out the chatter. Focus on the job.

[Several minutes of static]


What is it? Report!

There’s someone here.


No. He’s naked. Curled up in a ball and naked.

Bring him in for questioning.

Did you see that?


Something moved, in the shadows.

[Brief agonised scream]

Frakk! Something took Vern. Throne protect me, what was that!

The shadows! The shadows are moving!

[Rapid las fire]

Get us out of here! Get us out!


[Transmission ends]

[Attachment 3 – Sanctioning report: Subject 1794]

Recovery: Subject recovered as sole survivor of Fury of Avatis by Interrogator Eisen Barbossa and an untouchable acolyte <ref:>.

Psychic assessment: Potential alpha level. Extreme caution advised.

Treatment summary: Subject 1794 has undergone extensive witch pricking. Psychic instability brought under control, but multiple procedures have left him in an extreme catatonic state. Mind cleansing protocol has returned funcionality. Attempts at mind-probing have been unsuccessful.
Current status: Subject suffers periodic flashbacks with strong guilt association. Extreme paranoia and fear of warp possession. Subject is able to manifest limited psychic powers.

Vote of Sanctioning Assessment Council: Yay – 6; Nay – 6

Comments: Due to lack of majority vote, subject would ordinarily be removed for summary incineration. However, subject has been released to the Ordo Malleus at their request.
Report ends.



The Emperor Protects! Gaius