Mind-Cleansed Assassin / Moritat Reaper


Assassin Vindex, Reaper of the Moritat. (Mario – Mind Cleansed Assassin) – <6825xp> (Rank 6). Insanity:<33>. Corruption:<2>. Spyrer Xenotech suit and phase-blade – [currently partially active. Tau, Jokaero and Hrud combined manufacture.] 1 FP Burnt – Warp Ghost Wrath.





CASE FILE 144:29B:GK4:Pxf

CLASSIFICATION: Subject Analysis Report


CYPHER: Crypt v3.5.1

DATE: 997.M41

AUTHOR: Interrogator Lucius Armenius

SUBJECT: Maximillian Volsbacher

RECIPIENT: Lord-Inquisitor Archividus Hothan-Narac, Ordo Malleus Terran

Salutations, Lord!

May the light of the God-Emperor, hallowed be His eternal vigil, guide us in these troubled times.

I have finished my examination of the subject and I’m glad to report that his physical recovery is well ahead of schedule. Strength and agility are down a mere 10%, while tissue damage is completely healed. New facial mapping has been applied, as per your request.

There are some difficulties on the memory side, it seems the shock sustained was greater than what we had at first anticipated, the mind cleansing process was complex and I’m afraid that it has sealed away some sections which would have been desirable. An example is that the subject seems unable to read or understand High Gothic. I’m confident however, that with the right stimulus he will recover usage of most relevant functions.

Adric has already initiated combat and conditioning training. He reaffirms that the subject is performing well, especially when considering he isn’t benefiting from the hunting rig [Appendix A].

The subject’s weapon has been examined, please see [Appendix B].

Work is still ongoing on what remains of the subject’s shield. It seems to have been designed to generate some kind of protective power field, something similar to a Storm Shield, we presume.

The Emperor Protects!

Your servant,


[Appendix A]

SUBJECT: Hunting Rig Assessment

When recovered the subject was wearing a sophisticated hunting rig. These are typically used by Upper Hive nobility to boost their combat capabilities.

The rig is self-sustaining and self-repairing, with integral weaponry and, most importantly, power boosters. These activate as the wearer gradually masters the suit’s functions.

These suits are crafted off-world and Xenos technology is suspected. They are incredibly pricey items and only the most affluent nobles can afford such luxury.

This unit has suffered severe damage and its power core seems to be disabled, effectively rendering it an exotic suit of Xeno mesh.

The suit’s systems are encoded with the wearer’s DNA, rendering it nigh-useless to any but the original wearer.

[Appendix B]

SUBJECT: Mono Sword Assessment

The subject’s sword has been retrieved.

It is truly a marvel of molecular engineering. The blade is composed of a living crystalline structure, which constantly renews its edge as it is blunted. The sword’s edge is only one molecule thick and can slice through any but the densest of matter – similar to the weaponry that our agents and the Astartes possess.

This sword also possessed a small but potent power pack, now removed due to irrevocable damage, that would enable it to function as a Power Sword. We also removed some power feeds connecting the sword to the suit, meant to charge the battery.



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