Vittorious of Noble House Logos

Noble Born Cleric


Cleric Vittorious of the Noble House Logos

Scholar of the Tarsan chantries


Order Diabolus Ruina Ad Quod Exsilium (William – Noble Born Cleric)

<6950xp> (Rank 6)

Spent 3450xp of 6950xp available

Insanity: 11
Corruption: 4

_2 Fate Points +1 for the ‘Bar Incident’ +1 for banishing the Crow-Father -1 for Cyber-Resurrection (Lost Right arm and Left leg.) -1 to the Wrath of the Warp Ghosts +1 from giving Adorjin he last rites_

[Augmetics: Good Quality Bionic Right arm, both legs, respiratory system and heart, lung-filters, both eyes, vox-implant, mem-corder, auger array, concealed compartment.]

WS : 23 BS : 34
ST : 24 TO : 38
AG : 34 IN : 36
PE : 39 WP : 41
FE : 50

Bionic Respiratory System: full life support, +20 bonus to toughness tests to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons
Good Arm: +10 bonus on agi tests requiring delicate manipulation, +10 bonus to strength tests using the arm
Good Legs: +20 bonus to athletics tests to jump or leap, sprint talent

The Great Chantries of Tarsus 200
Peer (Ecclesiarchy) +10 Fel with chosen group
Cyber Resurrection 200 Good Quality Bionic Right arm, both legs, respiratory system and heart
Sprint Move more quickly in combat
Peer (Military) +10 Fel with chosen group

Trained Felowship x2 (350 exp)
Trained Willpower x1 (100 exp)

HQ RebreatherHQ
HQ Dataslate
HQ PhotoVisor
HQ Filtration Plugs
HQ Handvox
HQ Magnoculars
HQ Microbead
HQ Chrono
4 stims
Recoil Gloves
4xRed Dot laser sights

45 manstopper pistol, 30 manstopper rifle, 36 dumdums pistol

Sword Mono 1d10+2 R 2 Balanced
Combat Knife Primitive 1d5+3 I 0
Carnodon Pistol 1d10+4 I 2 35 6 (S/3/-) Accurate, Fire Selector, Red Dot, Telescopic
Hunting Rifle Basic 1d10+3 I 0 150 5 (S//) Accurate, Fire Selector, Red Dot, Telescopic, Silencer
Stub Auto Pistol 1d10+3 I 0 30 9 1 (S/3/-)

All Best Quality Xeno Mesh Total Weight = 1
Head Mesh Cowl 4
Left Arm Xeno Mesh 4
Right Arm Xeno Mesh 4
Body Xeno Mesh 5 (+1 from cyber)
Left Leg Xeno Mesh 4
Right Leg Xeno Mesh 4


Rank 1
Basic Training (Primitive) = 100xp
Pistol Training (SP) = 100xp
Sound Constitution *3 = 300xp
Rank 2
Sound Constitution *3 = 300xp
Rank 3
Sound Constitution *1 = 100xp
Quick Draw = 200xp
Rank 4
Master Orator = 100xp
Sound Constitution *1 = 100xp


Awareness (Trained) = 100xp
Blather (Trained) = 100xp
Charm (Trained) +10 = 200xp
Command (Trained) = 100xp
Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) = 100xp
Common Lore (Imperial Creed) = 100xp
Forbidden Lore (Heresy) = 100xp
Forbidden Lore (Cults) = 100xp
Inquiry (Trained) +10 = 200xp
Literacy (Trained) = 100xp
Performer (Singer) +20 = 300xp
Scrutiny (Trained) +10 = 200xp
Speak Language (High Gothic) = 100xp
Speak Language (Low Gothic) +10 = 200xp
Trade (Valet) = 100xp

Current Wealth
2788 Thrones

Last scion of the Noble House Logos.

Vendetta with Noble House Scorlos. Has a dark and shadowy past… and he is now more machine than man.

Following the Ambulon Showdown, Vittorious has spent the last two months working with house Strophes to find and exploit common areas of interest between house Strophes and House Logos: there is plenty of room for trade between the two houses, and having a level of trust is always good in these things

What spare time there has been, has been spent investigating the Serrated Query, since they appear to be a threat worth watching. Vittorious has kept an eye out for mention of Siprit Daneen, however he considers the strange man to be just that, a strange man – worthy of note, perhaps, but there are many better suited to the tracking down of a single person.

Having been generously housed by the Strophes, Vittorious has not had much use for his money, so far, and has been saving his wealth against a day when it might be needed.

Career History

career history

Vittorious of Noble House Logos

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