The Emperor Protects!

"Over The Edge, And Into Darkness..."
Our adventure begins. For the Emperor!

Dramatis Personae

The Players: Trooper Belcarius Lex, Sector-D Mid-Hive Sibellian Arbites (Tom’s Schola Progenium Arbitrator), Novice-Brother Vittorious of the Noble House Logus (Will’s Noble Born Cleric), Sanctionite Gaius (Gary’s Mind-Cleansed Sanctioned Psyker) and B_rother-Technographer Ignis_ (Steve’s Forge World Tech-Priest).

Salient NPCs: Interrogator Fabian (Agent of the Inquisition and Member of the Angelae Naraciss). ‘Vimes’ (Redemptor-Initiate Vimes).

Um. I think you shot everyone else…


_Our tale begins within the black ousilite and obsidian halls of the Bastion Serpentis, upon Lachenisis – a barren, lifeless void moon in orbit about Scintilla, sector capitol and beating heart of the Calixis Sector, located in the galactic North-West – and sequestered between the neighbouring Iaxianiad and Scarus sectors.. and the fathomless void between the Halo stars. The Bastion is a fable, a falsehood, an un-place. It is a location of which there is no tangible – or official – imperial record. But it is there, none-the-less. It is the central operations hub and high-command of the ordo Calixis. The coven of Inquisitors tasked with the safe-keeping of the whole of the Calixis Sub-sector of Imperial space, it’s first, last and sometimes only line of defence.

It is a dark place.

Within its endless hallways and echoing corridors agents of the inquisition are indoctrinated, trained, tested and ultimately forged into living weapons of the Emperor’s will made manifest…

After successfully completing their eight weeks of inquisitorial basic training upon Lachenisis, and whilst officially swearing their oaths of moment before Interrogator Fabian and being given their Acolyte’s holo-rosettes, Our protagonists met, face-to-face, for the first time. Being given little opportunity to converse or explore, they were briefed for redeployment to Hive Sibellus, planetary capitol and seat of Lord-Sector Marius Hax, on the pearly planet below.

On arrival, following a stealthy shuttle insertion, the group found themselves mid-hive, equipped with a data-slate issuing them with simple instructions leading to a rendezvous with the agent to whom they had been re-assigned; Medicae-interrogator Sand. After a somewhat uneventful, if revealing, journey to the designated hab-block – and after discovering the subterranean complex’s concealed entrance (and overcoming their well-honed paranoia). The party descended, only to find their contact to be none-other than the rather smugly-smiling Interrogator Fabian.

Apologising for Medicae Sand’s required absence, and his sudden appearance, Interrogator Fabian proceeded to de-brief the party on a selection of incredibly boring subjects – just to pass the time. Before any character could succumb to his droning wiles – faint, yet alarming, sounds were heard from the corridor beyond. High-powered las-weapon discharge. In moments it became clear that whatever underground complex they were in, was under attack. In the short minutes that followed this realisation, the two Inquisitorial Stormtroopers posted outside of the inner-complex’s blast doors were mutely (and messily) over-powered – a melta-weapon began to eat away at the metre thick metal-doors, and subsequently a Melta charge was placed and detonated to expedite their opening. These facts, being barely grasped by the acolytes within the complex, Belcarius Lex was far too close to the ensuing explosion, being suddenly and seriously injured in a bright actinic flare of plasmic, molten metal. As the crete-dust settled, several canisters of a strange, blue-tinged smoke were lobbed from the darkness into the ruined corridor – their contents proving to be a potent knock-out gas, which instantly overpowered poor Gaius, and within moments Brother Ignis – despite his tech-blessed respirator. In contrast, Brother Vittorious was not only swift but also well equipped, and, donning his re-breather mask, he set to administering to his fallen comrades as best he could – and preparing for the worst.

Meanwhile, further down the corridor, Lex found he had in fact survived the horrendous blast and, pulling himself groggily to his feet, he sought to escape the spreading gas. When, Looming suddenly from the wisping smoke before him, a figure clad in an armoured syn-suit and dark-visored mask lunged at Lex with a shock maul. But our brave Lex would not go down with a fight. Struggling valiantly until the noxious smoke o’ercame him, Trooper Belcarious – despite his wounds – landed a blow upon his opponent with his family’s ancestral blade, in exchange for not a scratch. Brother Vittorious fared little better. Screaming a muffled prayer to the Throne-Lord as more shadows approached him through the smoke, he emptied his sidearm’s magazine at the central target – and struck him! – before two brutes closed with him, and tore the protective re-breather mask from his face; and, as with the others, the void rushed up to meet him.

...Darkness. Black-masked men. Voices. Cold Steel. Silence. Then the klaxons blared…

Waking groggily to find themselves imprisoned within three-walled brushed steel cells, Vittorious and Ignis become dully aware that the pulsing in their ears is not solely the after-effects of whatever blacked them out. Active emergency klaxons are screaming out a warning. Suddenly, following a distant, rumbling explosion, all power is lost – red-lighting kicks in – and their cell bars slide smoothly into the ground before them. Their comrade, the slightly singed Belcarius Lex, lays unconscious in the cell opposite their own. But Gaius, the psyker, is nowhere to be found. Inviting their rather distrustful fellow prisoner ‘Vimes’ along for the ride, these acolytes of the Emperor’s inquisition – dressed only in plain grey overalls , and with nothing useful to their name – prepare to assault the unknown … Perhaps they should look for an exit? _ Now, a summary of the events following the above – by Brother Vittorious

_Ignis and I awoke in cells, also occupied by Belcarius, who was semi-comatose and remained so for the remainder of our escape. Shortly alarms and klaxons sounded and the power was cut, opening the cells. We escaped and found another prisoner (Vimes I think his name was) who was unhelpful and uncommunicative; we allowed him to tag along. We then subdued two guards in the cell area (killing one) and acquired various batons and shotguns. We then found and released Gaius, who was being sedated (it took him some minutes to recover), whilst being aware that the entire complex (wherever it was) was being assaulted by some forces unknown. We continued exploring, carrying Belcarius on the medical gurney that Gaius was found on, until we came across a cell (which we’d previously seen on the video monitors) where Fabius (the Interrogator) was being tortured. We surprised and slew the torturer (nice shooting by Gaius) but were too late to save Fabius; he whispered a cryptic word to us before expiring.

We then continued to explore, finding the armoury sometime later, which had been emptied of heavy weaponry, but had some light weapons and armour remaining. We killed four guards who arrived just after us, presumably to arm themselves.

The rest of the complex showed signs of heavy weapons fire and fighting, but we eventually found an office of incongruous design which contained our confiscated equipment and badges, though nothing else of interest, before coming across an ongoing fire-fight between factions supporting the emperor (Redemptionists we believe) and Logician cultists. Here Vimes revealed himself to be with the former. We aided the Redemptors, and prevailed in the ensuing firefight, though not entirely successfully, as two cultists escaped deeper into the complex through a heavily reinforced hatch. But not before setting a self-destruct charge. We legged it, fleeing to the exit we’d found previously. The Redemptors did rather badly keeping up and fell behind, and Gaius and I both began to tire, running the gurney into the end of the corridor (the gurney by this stage was filled with an arsenal, topped by Belcarius and Ignis, who had succumbed to fatigue whilst trying to hack a trapped electronic lock); we managed to recover and turned the corner, to be engulfed by the firestorm from the explosion behind us…

We awoke in hospital, lightly wounded, and learned that the Redemptionist cult had apparently learned the location of the underground complex and assaulted it. We found evidence of some sort of heretical genetic/mutatgen experiments that had been successful and were about to be expanded to include a larger number of test subjects. We now have about two days (we spent the first in hospital) to have a chance of attacking the next base, whose occupants may not be aware of how much we now know. Belcarius has the problem that he is severely wounded, and will probably not be able to go on the next mission unless it is as walking-wounded. We shall see.

Brother Vittorious, of noble house Logos._


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