‘Accurate’ rules for basic weapons: I love ‘em! They finally make a weapon’s accuracy extremely deadly. As it should be! And the chance of hitting that miracle shot that can do +2d10 damage is no more likely than a critical hit, nor more imbalanced than spraying a target with 10 rounds of autogun fire at point-blank rage – nor a scatter weapon hitting a dozen times just outside of combat for that matter. A rifle, though long-barrelled and slightly unwieldy, can be horrifically effective if fired in time at close range. (Cthulhu and war films have taught me this…) The downside, is that most ‘Accurate’ basic weapons have only a single shot function (indeed, this is a stipulation of the new Accuracy rules – the weapon must be fired on single shot and must be of Basic size), and a low clip capacity – it all balances out in the end Mario, don’t you worry… says the man with the Tearing Mono-blade ;)

Fate Points: From now on you may only use a fate point to re-roll a failed test (Skill, Ability) – not ANY dice roll. e.g. Psychic power rolls, damage rolls etc. Also, the instant recovery of 1d5 wounds may now only be used in two instances (others may be DM ruled, as it is not stipulated in the rulebook, but this seems to make sense) – Firstly, on immediately receiving the wounding injury (As fate is twisted by your very soul, to minutely alter the course of the bullet/blow/the explosion’s pattern/the poison’s potency etc. – lessening it’s impact/effect/power) meaning that, in most cases, you must decide then and there, possibly in combat, whether to spend a fate point on such a thing. Secondly, on receiving medical attention for the wound (First aid, hospitalisation, after a designated duration of care, psychic healing etc.) How does that sound? Fair? Spanking all remaining Fate points at the end of the session just to use them up and super-heal knowing your fate points will be replenished at the start of the next session seems a little strange.

Injuries: Also, from now on, please try and keep track of each individual wound to your character (I know I ask a lot of you…) – from now on in, scenario length will increase, and your contact with possible aid and the outside world diminish. Wounds can become infected, start to bleed etc., and with the clarified Fate Point rules will most likely stay with you for longer. I will need you to say how you will be caring for your wounds – bathing them, cleansing, bandaging, sealing with fire etc. If you have a bullet in your arm – do you try to remove it? Is your arm not a little weaker, and tenderer in that subsequent bar-fight? Now the role-playing really begins :D You’ll need to keep track of the wound’s location, cause (detail please!), damage type and the amount of damage it did to you. This does, however, have some benefits for you. First Aid (with the Medicae skill) may be used on each wound separately (Up to the maximum damage received for that wound – if a sword slice on your fore-arm only did two wounds, that first aid use can only remove two points of damage). A las-bolt impact to the shoulder, a dog-bite to the calf, a poisonous insect sting to the lower back… all can be treated separately. You no longer have a ‘health bar’ of wounds until Critical damage cripples you; you all have living bodies. Toughness will begin to become a majorly tested attribute…

Investigation Skills: Those of you who have investigation skills – Inquiry, Forbidden/Scholastic lore etc. – Can now use them to begin researching things of interest or import to your character in their spare time. Travel to the library, or the local Arbites precinct-fortress, and see what you can dig up. These will take the form of extended tests, requiring a certain number of successes to be achieved over a period of time dependant on the task’s difficulty and your character’s ability. You can choose one or more subjects to investigate – then state how you would go about it, what details you would be seeking etc. Belcarius may wish to investigate the whereabouts or resting place of his missing parents – beginning with their last known reported location/time of disappearance etc., Vittorious his lost noble family, Vindex and Gaius their origins (though covertly, as any individual attempting to reverse or break their Mind-cleansing – and anyone helping them – are subject to immediate summary execution without a trial or chance of repeal…accidentally doing so though, is not punishable.). If anything leaps to mind for any of you, we can discuss it.

Crafting, Trading and Earning cash: As your characters advance they will be able to accrue so called crafting skills and talents – the Inquisitor’s handbook goes into this in great detail in a section near the back. Tech-use, all of the ‘Trade’ skills… these can be used to create unique items, or even personalise the ones you currently own – or wish to own in the future. Attach a gun-sight, engrave a pistol grip, give a set of carapace armour the qualities of a Cameleoline stealth cloak… all are possible. In fact, anything you dream up that sounds plausible is possible. It’ll just cost ten times as much on money and materials and take ages to create. Earning money is also something that your characters will have to think about in the near future – not every mission will be funded, and sometimes your monthly amounts will not cover a given mission’s expenses. You may need to hop to a nearby planet to research a lead or chase a suspect – this can cost thousands of thrones. You can seek out work – honest or otherwise, do a bank heist, enter gladiatorial combat of many forms, seek a favour, blackmail, trade and sell your possessions, open a shop – the options are as limited as your imagination. Currently I can see that Vittorious could grant blessings, say prayers – or even (if not wanting it to be known that he was a cleric of the God-Emperor – he could sing for cash in a seedy bar) Ignis could seek employment as a capable and innovative technomat – utilising Tech-use. Titus could become a bodyguard – these could even be used as covers to get close to a target in future scenarios. Vindex…could kill for money. Lex could become a Private Investigator for a spell. Gaius – what could you NOT do with those incalculably valuable psychic powers of yours?! You simply charge for others to utilise you Psyniscience (with no risk to yourself or others) to check people, items and areas for psychic taint/activity/power. :D Don’t know about you guys, but this sounds fun.

N.B. Any of you who want to make a shopping list after any adventure – e-mail me, and I’ll start replying with availabilities and costs.

Contacts: Now, this is where the interesting prospect of contacts comes in. These are in-game advantages (and role-playing/plot devices) that you can purchase with XP to represent contacts that you can call upon for information and even material goods – when they are sorely needed. Full rules are in the Inquisitor’s Handbook (P. 218 I believe?) Have a look and tell me if you’re interested – then we can flesh out a contact and it’s XP cost for any given character… you could even donate XP as a group and have a “Group” contact. Could be a great idea…

Role-playing in Combat and Interaction: We’ve had some fantastically cinematic moments in the last few sessions – due entirely to the fabulous ideas and routes that you guys have come up with – and run (or driven) with. Bravo! Some, already, will live long in the memory: That worker’s union encounter for a start – Lex’s entry, change of tack and subsequent intoxication. Vitt’s courageous and infectious sing-a-long (Amazing). The battle outside… Therefore – I’d love – and I’m sure you all do to – more of the same. However, in combat especially, I feel we could push the boundaries of descriptive movements, attacks and so forth still further. Mario has been doing nicely in this with phrases like “I bring my sword up, and then slice down across his chest” for an aim and a standard attack – It all adds to the flavour and the ambiance. After the session we’ll all remember that image with far greater clarity than “move half, ready sword, aim, attack – ‘dice roll’ ” You know it makes sense. Also – when you speak to an NPC or each other, I’ll begin to ask what you say and how you say it. You may want to develop an accent, a cadence or an area (or lack of) vocabulary for your character. I’ll also begin to act-out NPC’s and other social encounters from now on. This further adds to the fantasy of the game as a whole – and differentiate from monster-bashing elements of the game.

Being under cover is also something that will occur with greater frequency and necessity as time goes by – as well as being financially self-reliant. You cannot go about as a group of acolyte’s all the while. To this end – it’s probably a good time to start thinking about what your covers will be – your career/character class is always a great one (you rarely have to chance a deception, you’re telling the truth after all!) As you can back it up and it’s an easy one to act out – but sometimes an individual, organisation or even town will become suspicious of so mixed a group wandering around, clumped together – this is where group covers come in (like the helpfully handed-over Coblast Assay ident kits you were given in the Edge of Darkness) Lex could pose as himself – an Arbite regulator – and the rest of the group could pose as Enforcers, or a kill Squad. Equally you could all be priests and follow Vittorious, etc. Just something to think about.



Void Rounds (Utilise self-igniting chemicals, to reduce the risk of misfiring or rapid overheating in void environs: Gain reliable quality in void condition) Scarce, 8 ea

Blessed Ammunition (Ecclesiastical chemistry and belief in the God-Emperor empower these bolts to harm the daemon and the denizen of the warp, Damage counts as Holy) Very Rare, 50ea

SP Weapons:

Man-stopper Rounds (All SP weapons, +3 Pen – I don’t like the Errata!) Scarce, 5 for 6

Dum-Dum Bullets (SP Pistols, +2 Dam, double targets AP) Scarce, 5 for 6.

Expander Rounds (Outlawed on some worlds, these dense shells are designed to shred open after impact, causing huge exit wounds: SP Pistols, autoguns, rifles, +1 Dam and +1 Pen) Scarce, 20 ea

Bleeder Rounds (Treated with toxins to prevent coagulation, bursting on penetration: SP Pistols, Autoguns, Rifles, +3 Dam on biological, living targets. Daemons and machines unaffected.) Rare, 35 ea

Amputator Rounds (Filled with explosive micro-shrapnel designed to shear flesh and shatter bone, thus removing limbs: SP Pistols, Autoguns, Rifles, +2 Dam.)Very Rare, 50 ea

Lathe Hyper-Density Penetrators “Body Blowers” (Cast from a unique metal alloy only made possible by exploiting the strange gravitational anomalies within the Lathe system, they are famed for their appalling ability to plough through vulnerable flesh. They require a larger charge to fire, and so can only be used with the sturdiest firearms. Hand cannon, rifles, shotguns, bolt weapons. Reduce weapon range by half, +3 pen, gain the tearing quality, bolt weapons changed to I damage, a man-sized target hit by such a round must succeed a +10 Strength test or be knocked off of their feet by the impact.) Rare, 100 ea


No-one currently uses one – but they have access to Manstopper, Inferno, Executioner, Hyper-density penetrators, and Void.

Bolt Weapons:

Normal: Mass-Reactive warhead (Designed to detonate after penetration, causing horrific injury. Damage as bolt weapon) Rare, 16 ea

Inferno (Contain a volatile, clinging gel that ignites on contact with air: Target hit must pass an agility test or catch fire, Damage changed to E.) Rare, 30 ea

Bleeder Rounds (Treated with toxins to prevent coagulation, bursting on penetration:, +3 Dam on biological, living targets. Daemons and machines unaffected.) Very Rare, 50 ea

Executioner (Rare and specialised Arbite rounds, contain miniaturised propulsion and stabilisation systems – allowing the shell to lock on and track its target: +4 Dam, +1 pen, Ballistic skill tests that miss at short or standard range may be re-rolled, any cover that the target has is ignored, single shot only.) Very Rare, 150 ea

Tempest (Rarest of the various bolt shells, these contain a miniature plasma shock generator, that releases a pulse of electromagnetic and thermal energy on detonation: Damage to Energy, gains the shock quality, +3 Dam against targets with the Machine trait.) Near unique, 250 ea

Psycannon Bolts (Utilised by the legendary Grey Knights, assassins of the Templum Culexus and those of full inquisitorial rank within the Ordo Malleus, these rounds are almost never heard of. Utilising a core of psy-anathemic substance, they are capable of ripping through warp-stuff and barriers of psychic force with ease. Shockingly fatal, even to non-psykers, it is whispered by some that those slain by psycannon have their souls snuffed out like guttering candles. +5 to all critical dam inflicted. Inflict double rolled damage against targets with a psy-rating, daemons and other warp entities – after toughness and armour are taken into account. Count as Holy damage. Ignore psychic and warp armour and fields.) Near unique, 500 ea.


The Emperor Protects! Grimnar