The Emperor Protects!

"Baron Hopes"

Of Ulbrexis and Morrir...

Report of Arbitrator Belcarius Lex:

Acolytes assigned: Belcarius, Vindex, Vittorius

After the Twilight mission everyone spent some time getting healed up at the Inquisition’s secret moonbase. We were unable to leave for the entire 6 months of downtime which is pretty suspicious but it doesn’t seem to be related to the current mission.

We met with Globus who gave everyone some upgraded equipment and some plot rewards; Vittorius was given official backing to re-establish the noble house Logos. Since medics removed the bottom half of his body after the fight at Strophe’s house we’re hoping they kept it on ice somewhere. Vindex was given the option to have the mind cleansing process partially reversed. He decided not to do so for the time being. Belcarius found out he had a previously unrevealed sister in the Adeptus Sororitas. I sent her my ancestral sabre so now I’m using the one we took off the dead Eldar pirate last session. Fraser informed us that a Psyker would pick up bad vibes from the sword but since we don’t have one at the moment Belcarius is blissfully unaware.

Next we got down to the mission briefing. We are off to the mining planet Sepheris Secundus. 14 years ago an organisation of mutant terrorists called the Broken Chain were put down but they’ve become active again in the last 3 years. The leader, Assod Morrir, who was killed at the time, is back in charge and seemingly immortal. They’ve been using some sort of ‘warp bombs’ and other heretical tech. They’ve got ties to the Serrated Query so who knows what other shit they’re into.

In our corner we have the Baron Ulbrexis, the previous leader of the Broken Chain from before Morrir took over. They started fighting for improved workers rights and supposedly avoided killing anybody. It’s possible that the more altruistic agenda was largely an attempt at a power grab by the Baron, but since coup d’etats are much more imperial than the minimum wage that would be a good thing. Anyway, the Inquisition have had him locked up for 14 years having faked his execution for just such an eventuality. In exchange for his help we are going to insert him back into his former position as heir apparent to the planet’s crown.

It takes us a few weeks to get where we’re going on board the trader Pax Behemoth. Once there we meet up with Proctor Noles Rotlan, the planet’s chief Arbitrator and the man who sent for us. There are about a hundred Arbites on planet and maybe half of them are stationed in this big mine called the Harrows where the BC has been staging their attacks. We also meet Captain Movern, leader of the Scourges. These are the forces of the Queen Lachryma. They are a combination of military and law enforcement and behave like they are waiting for an opportunity to ride down some striking textile workers with cavalry sabres. While Rothan and his crew know we are acolytes everyone else just knows us as anti-terrorism experts from off-world.

Using the computers at the Arbites precinct we identify a spiral pattern to the terrorist attacks and determine a likely next target. The Baron also identifies an old BC safe-house from his time with the organisation that may still be in use. We visit a sort of black market in the slag heaps surrounding the mine. The Baron is able to make contact with one of the leaders of the mutants who live in deep mine workings called the Hard Vaults. Mutants are a sort of accepted minority on this world because they mine areas with toxic chemicals or radiation. They trade ore for other supplies at markets like this one.

The mutant leader, Olion, is against the BC agenda because he fears a crackdown on the mutants. He has a man inside, Morgan, and tells us that the next attack is expected in 3 days. We also learn about Morrir’s inner circle and that he has apparently broken off contact with the Query.

We have been assigned some digs on one of the upper tiers of the mine complex. It is so loud you have to make WP checks to sleep so each of us only got a few hours and are dangerously close to suffering fatigue. We decide to look for the mutant safe-house on day 2. Even if we don’t find anything useful out we might be able to sleep there.

The Baron leads us into the depths via a rickety wooden elevator suspended from a single rope. We then have to climb up a pipe to a landing outside a door with classical music playing on the other side. This causes Vindex to have some sort of acid flashback but he gets over it. When we open the door we see that the room on the other side is built using the same Tardis technology from the Farcosia factory on Ambulon. This causes Vittorius to lose his mind and run away, but the occupants don’t hear anything ‘cause of the music and we just wait for him to snap out of it and come back. We note that Vindex is now just the right amount of insane to auto pass level 1 fear tests but without any all effects.

Inside the room are 8 mutants sitting around with weapons nearby. We storm in and arrest them. They were going for their guns so we are forced to brutally murder everyone. Vindex does most of the work with his swift attacks. Fortunately he just makes a perception check to notice that one of the mutants is Morgan before offing him too. Session ends as we stand among the carnage having taken no damage at all.




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