The Emperor Protects!

"Shades on Twilight"

The Heart of the Hulk



As the warp ghost of Ishtan Vogel, Acolyte of the inquisition, ejects your saviour pod from the wreck of the Black Ship on a telekinetic bow-wave – all those of you still conscious hear his voice within your minds: “The Emperor Protects…”.

From a safe distance you watch the ultimate destruction of the Twilight by the guns of the Imperial navy, and are all strangely moved by the knowledge that the warp ghosts within it’s holds have, finally, been put to rest.

Your pod is collected by the Magnus Ecthelion a mere four hours afterward. Lady D, Engineseer Molochan and Calculus-Logi Trempan have all have their wounds stabilised by the tireless Brother-Sergeant Agamorr. He has also tended your wounds as best he is able… though he does not believe that Brother Vittorious’ eyes can be saved.

On your arrival, the Luminous Reproach and Liber Daemonica are collected from your care by none other than Interrogator Gideon Zayl. He commends you for your sterling work, and gives his word that your deeds will reach many ears within the conclave. Not least those of you master: Globus Vaarak.

Agamorr parts company with you there, in the hangar bay, along with the surviving members of Soldevan’s team. Agamorr grants you his respect, and leaves with words of friendship. Some would say that the friendship of an Astartes is a gift beyond measure or value.

Whilst in the battlecruiser’s medical facilities Interrogator Zayl debriefs you before allowing you to rest… and the Magos-biologi gather above Vittorious’ cot once more.



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